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Every business should be conducted according to certain rules, and they must be carried out by all business stakeholders.


1.1 These rules define the relationship between members and the administration of the Club, as well as the functioning and use of the service.
1.2 Each prospective member of the Club is obliged to become familiar with these rules before going through the registration process. Registration on the site means that a member of the Club fully agree with all the rules.
1.3 These rules may be supplemented or amended by the administration unilaterally with subsequent notification of members of the Club in the "News" section.

2. About project.

2.1 «Respect Club» is and online resource, located on the Internet at: www.respeсt-club.com

3. Registration.

3.1 Register online at: www.respect-club.com and become a member of «Respect Club» International Business Club. Any person who has attained the age of 18 and has a passport can register.
3.2 Registration of multiple accounts by one member of the Club in each of the affiliate programs is not permitted. In the investment program of the Club, members are allowed to create an unlimited number of deposits on the investment plans of the Club.
3.3 Contributions to be determined depending on the business package (or packages) that are represented on the club's website.

4. Партнерские и инвестиционные программы.

4.1 Each club member can invite new members to affiliate programs and in accordance with the marketing plan and get a bonus. Prerequisite to receiving bonus awards in the second table - two new, personally invited members of Club.

5.Entry and withdrawal of money.

5.1 Payment for business packages and access to all Club program is made by means of electronic payment systems companies (Perfect Money, Payeer) or SWIFT-transfer to the bank account of the company
5.2 Withdrawal of funds earned by a member of the Club for the bonus affiliate programs, is done within five business days from the time of the withdrawal. It is carried out through electronic payment systems, and the company holds 5% of the amount set for withdrawal.
5.3 Transfers of internal money. Club members can only transfer on their own structure and are subject to account verification.
5.4 Refunds for the purchased packages is not provided, as funds are redistributed between the members of the Club in accordance with the marketing plan.
5.5 Withdrawal of funds earned on the investment program, is made directly to a bank account or a member of the Club with the help of electronic payment systems. Costs associated with the transfer of funds are paid by member of the club.

6.Risks and responsibility.

6.1 Club Administration shall ensure the proper functioning of the site and its programs in accordance with the terms of marketing. At the time of operation of the maintenance, site may be suspended. Administration agrees in advance (in the "News" section) to notify members of the Club on the limitation of access to information.

7. Moral and ethical rules.

Strictly prohibited:
- advertisement of other projects and companies in the chat rooms of the club and at presentations;
- re signing of club members and sponsor change;
- distribution of false information defaming Club and distorted information about its activities.
7.2 All members of the Club and the administration are obliged to comply strictly with their obligations.

8. Final provisions.

8.1 By accepting these rules, members of the Club have signed an agreement with its administration.
8.2 These rules come into force for all members of the Club from the date of registration and payment for one of the affiliate programs or the acquisition of an investment package.









Reaching new heights

Creation of the club. Start of three affiliate programs: tourism, cars, real estate. The basic idea of the Club is to provide effective and long-term business programs, using which each member of the club will be able to make a relatively quick start-up capital, to become an investor and increase the quality of their life.

Frequent travel, nice car and a comfortable residence - is an essential attribute of a respectable and successful modern man. By investing in a robust program of the club, all members will receive substantial passive income and live as many only dream of. Your money will work for you! Investing in high technology and advanced production and processing of organic food. Formation of interesting proposals for real estate in the international real estate agencies Companies. The search for new ideas and better business tools for the investment portfolio. Work on the mobile app.

Start of the investment program. Start of the «health» program. Completion of the mobile club application and launch it into operation. Active development of partnerships and investment programs. Investing in an interesting building projects for the reconstruction of old buildings in the central historical areas of the city of London, Prague, Munich. Participation in scientific conferences and public tenders. Active promotion by club members from different countries to the markets of products for a healthy diet. There will also be launched on the world market a unique product extremely useful for health. This patented product will be of interest not only to ordinary consumers but also corporate clients. For recommendations, club members will receive a generous reward, according to the classical marketing plan.

Building of our own processing plants for demanded food and producing a wide range of exclusive products. Creating a franchise network of restaurants of a healthy diet. Further development of partnerships and investment programs.

Entry to the level of implementation of major government programs and honoring first dollar millionaires club. The development of franchise network of restaurants healthy food.


Club’s Mission: - to create innovative products and tools using which club members can effectively solve their vital tasks; –connect people with an active lifestyle and positive outlook on life, those who want to live a more vivid and meaningful life. Together we are strong! By changing our lives, we change the world!

Our values:

  • -for us «integrity, always and everywhere» - this is the law;
  • -correct tools + correct relations = correct business;
  • -we build long-term relations between club members and administration;
  • -if we promise, we deliver;
  • -we respect each other, love our common business and enjoy what we do;
  • -we create our club, where all members can work and earn comfortably and happily.




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