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Company «Respect Innovative LP» officially registered in the UK. Its first business Project- «Respect Club» is an International Business Club. The company is young, but it is based on the potential and experience of employees and managers of the Group of Companies - the founders of «Respect Innovative LP». These companies are successful business in the field of construction and sale of European real estate, tourism, production and processing of organic foods and invest in innovative technologies. Also, one of the founders of the company has 9 years of experience in financial management and an increase in customer capital by a competent professional activities of an experienced team working on the stock market and foreign exchange market. The merger of capabilities and experience of several successful companies, holds great promise for «Respect Innovative LP» and International Business «Respect Club» Club.

Purpose of «Respect Club» is simple and clear. On the one hand - it is the desire for a short time to build a large international network of consumer. Through this partner network products, goods and services of the Company's founders will be sold.

To this end, the Company took an unprecedented step and developed a marketing program with a balanced and thus monetary compensation plan. 95% of all incoming business packet funds are redistributed between the members of the Club, depending on the contribution to the development of consumer network. On the other hand, companies are interested in raising investors, helping to create the initial capital of the Club members, and further multiply the capital. The main objective of the Company: to create conditions for enterprising people, which will bring together the idea of becoming financially successful and free, people who want to live a bright and meaningful life.




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