Only 2 tables with 7 places, rotating.

Entrance to the first table is 500 US dollars, 4 seats filled at the bottom of the table with new participants, for a total of 2000 US dollars. When dividing the table, 500 US dollars are returned to member of the club, which stands at the top of the table, 500 US dollars is credited to him as reinvest in the second cycle at this table (it is rotating), and remaining 1000 US dollars proceed during first cycle into second 7-seater table. No qualifications in first table. In all subsequent cycles of this table, club member receives the 1500 US dollars out of the amount of 2000 US dollars to their account as an interest and 500 US dollars will automatically be credited to him as reinvest for each subsequent cycle pass on this table.

In the second table, as soon as the 4 lower places are filled with 1000 US dollars, for a total of 4000 US dollars, when dividing the table, 3000 US dollars are credited to a member of the club, which stands at the top of the table, as a reward for travel. The remaining 1000 US dollars is his reinvest in the passage of the second cycle of the table (it is rotating). Qualifications are checked in each cycle of the table by the presence of 2 referrals when entering the award. It is necessary to have a referrals 2 in the loop with their leader. Referrals can be both newcomers to the series, and the old, who walk cycle after cycle with their leader. Table is spinning and all subsequent cycles of its passage, club member receives 3000 US dollars to their account and 1000 US dollars automatically as reinvest in the new cycle.

Thus, members earn and receive multiple bonuses in both the first and second tables.




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